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Our Hi5 - 5 offers all academic core classes and the classes are differentiated to meet the needs of all students from all backgrounds. HIA will preserve and share the Hmong culture, while honoring all cultures, and prepare ambassadors for the future. 

We set high standards for our students and the goal is that each student when they leave is ready for the next educational endeavor and to become the future leaders of this world.

Specialists Classes We Offer All Students:

  • Music
  • Physical Ed.
  • Art
  • Hmong Studies

HIA uses two online programs for Math and Literacy. Dreambox is the math program and the Literacy program is Lexia. Students engage with both of these programs within the school day but can also access them at home for additional practice.  Both programs can be accessed through Clever.  The link is below.


If you have any other questions about these programs, feel free to contact us at 612-668-2250.